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We looked at the prices and were like is this real? It was just such a huge difference.

When we heard about Dental Whale from our friends and compared the costs, it wasn’t even close. It was just so much more kind of like you take a breath and you’re like, “Okay, I can do this and I can finally get some relief from all the stress of the costs.”

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I already know there’s just been tons of savings, thousands of dollars a month. I think the bigger your practice is in the higher volume, the more you will save and the more benefit you get from this. And the membership cost is like so minuscule... it’s been instrumental for my career, my private practice and I think everyone will benefit.

Our cost of dental supplies has gone way down - by half!

Dr Cassidy Rider, Rider Family Dentistry

Join thousands of dentists like Dr Rider, Dr Ismailyan, and Dr Ling using Dental Whale to save on supplies, labs, and equipment and go to the next level with Dental Whale education.

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