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Sidd Pagidipati

Chairman of Physicians Partners & Ayon Capital
Sidd Pagidipati

Sidd Pagidipati is a serial entrepreneur who made the Inc 500 #7 for 2009. Sidd has founded numerous global brands including, Inventcorp, Freedom Health and a lot more. Sidd is also A venture investor with investment being made into CliniCast and ikaSystems.

Under Pagidipati’s leadership, numerous small and medium-sized enterprises have flourished. He isn’t just highly regarded for his leadership but his planning and thought process is what has helped him become a successful venture investor. His experience as an Analyst in an investment bank provided insights and laid the foundation for his own investing career. His investment in companies such as CliniCast, which currently has funding of over $100k, and ikaSystems, which has been acquired by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, is a testament to his investment acumen.