Leveling the playing field for private dentists

We believe the strongest dental practices combine corporate-level services with private dentistry. Dental Whale’s menu of services helps private dentists properly compete in a profession riddled with competitive forces and challenges.

Our Services

Leveling the playing field for private dentists

Call Center
New patient scheduling, appointment confirmations, filling hygiene schedules, managing voicemails, after hours support
Insurance & Billing
Insurance verification, EOB processing, claims resubmissions, patient collection calls, statements, ledger audits
Group Purchasing
Discounted group pricing, dental supplies, dental equipment, lab fees, software, cabinets, procurement solution
Monthly guarantee, comprehensive digital marketing package, split-tested direct mail, call tracking, branding, video
Dental IT
Flat fee unlimited help desk support, data backup, encryption, new office IT buildups and construction software installs
Dental Repair
On-site equipment repair, same-day handpiece repair, equipment installation, maintenance, flat fee

Who do we support

New Dentists
Through our educational events, new dentists are trained in the latest and most innovative business systems and clinical procedures.
New Practices
We offer new practices a detailed list of support options which have been tailored for the high-growth startup practices and help the owner dentist reduce costs.
Existing Practices
Growing and managing successful existing practices requires a custom plan with higher levels of support. Our company helps hundreds of existing practices achieving their goals.
Practice Groups
Building a practice group can be one of the most rewarding phases of an entrepreneurial dentist’s career. We understand groups and help with our groups-specific plan of support services.
Customers Supported
Monthly Patient Calls
Practices IT Secured
Strategic Marketing Campaigns
Dental Offices Covered for Service
Pod Members And Growing

Cut Through The Noise

“In our profession today, there are just too many people with unfounded ideas and unproven recommendations. Dentistry is littered with sales messages turning dental education into general wastes of time. Dental Whale Education is loud and strong push in the opposite directions. We don’t waste time. We only deliver value. Our systems are backed by data and science. Stand up against  bad CE. Join our movement and demand high value from education and training”


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