“We Are Seeing 40+ New Patients per Month!”

pawhushka dental

Dr. Bulleigh is a small-town dentist with big dreams to improve patients’ lives. Equipped with the knowledge and the will to do it, he turned to Conversion Whale to help grow his practice. Within 60 days, Conversion Whale DOUBLED his new patient count.

Our team customized his campaign to compete effectively in a low-population area. If you draw a six-mile radius around Pawhuska Dental, the total population is less than 3,600 people. With limited impression share, our team diverted spend to display networks and created customized cleaning promotions.

The ‘small-town’ dental marketing strategy is all about reaching a wider geographic area without compromising traffic quality. Display ads helped Pawhuska Dental reach patients researching dental options across sites like WebMD. This resulted in 5x weekly impressions and and increased patient call-ins.

" I am doing a lot more dentistry and less marketing." Dr. Bulleigh

Dr. Bulleigh is now able to focus more on dentistry.