Smile Virtual Clinical Training
by Dr Brian Harris
There has to be a succinct protocol, from start to finish, when going about your Smile Virtual consult appointment. This smile virtual clinical training course led by Smile Virtual Founder Dr. Brian Harris provides you with the step-by-step process to ensure you conquer Smile Virtual from a clinical perspective. You’ll have the opportunity to view Dr. Harris in action performing a Smile Test Drive on a patient, and find out how to talk about pricing and payment options without overselling. In addition to that, you’ll learn how to handle occlusion, the best time to sculpt tissue, when to prep patients, how to attach temporaries, what tools and materials to use, and what to look for during the cementation appointment. To add to that, you’ll find out which software he uses to conduct virtual consults, and how to assess out-of-state patients.
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What’s on this course?
Smile Virtual Clinical Training with Dr. Brian Harris
About this course
Hear from Dr. Brian Harris on why he created this course.

“I am a lot more comfortable talking with patients and talking about the cosmetic dentistry process. Definitely opened up doors for me as far as the amount of cosmetic dentistry I get to do and I just find it really helpful because I’m able to give patients all the information they need.”

Dr. Rob Soto


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What’s in this course?
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