Practice Acquisition
by Dental Whale
Approach acquisition with a clear strategy. Filled with all the information you need in order to gain financial freedom through practice ownership, this highly sought-after seminar teaches you the ins and outs of procuring a practice and ensuring a lucrative transition. The Practice Acquisition Seminar boasts an unparalleled lineup of industry-leading professionals, familiar with the systems and challenges of practice acquisition.
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What’s on this course?
Practice Acquisition with Dr. Steven Wingfield
About this course
Hear from Dr. Steven Wingfield on why he created this course.

“With this new information I am going to look into finding an ideal existing practice to purchase.”

Dr. Sara Shirazi


Take your team to the next level by learning from the best in the industry

We’re your partners for a more profitable dental practice. That means whether you need to reduce your monthly spend, stay on budget or train your team to boost production, we’ve got everything you need, all in one place.

What’s in this course?
Module 1
Welcome to Welcome to Practice Acquisition
Module 2
Welcome to Valuation and Due Diligence
Module 3
Welcome to Aligning Your Team for Acquisition
Module 4
Welcome to Tone at the Top
Module 5
Welcome to Clinical Due Diligence
Module 6
Welcome to Acquisitions, Legal Speaking
Module 7
Welcome to Information Technology
Module 8
Welcome to Q & A Panel

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