Insurance Mastery
by Front Office Rocks
Designed by two of the nation’s leading dental practice consultants, the Insurance Mastery course will take your knowledge of dental insurance to an entirely new level. Front Office Rocks Founder Laura Nelson and Dental Insurance Coach Colleen Huff, delve far beyond the basics of dental insurance and teach you how to accelerate benefit payments and increase profits.
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What’s on this course?
Insurance Mastery with Colleen Huff
About this course
Hear from Colleen Huff on why he created this course.

"This very informative online training is not only for front office team members but also clinical staff. It is very nice to have this training available"

Dr. Ashley Hanson


Take your team to the next level by learning from the best in the industry

We’re your partners for a more profitable dental practice. That means whether you need to reduce your monthly spend, stay on budget or train your team to boost production, we’ve got everything you need, all in one place.

What’s in this course?
Module 1
Welcome to Mastering the Basics of Insurance & Billing
Module 2
Welcome to Benefits of Preparing Your Claim
Module 3
Welcome to Bulk Payments, EFTs, and Denials
Module 4
Welcome to Estimating Your Patients Cost
Module 5
Welcome to Dental Codes

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