How to Hire Rockstars for Your Dental Practice
by Dental Whale
Designed to help you make the most of the hiring process, Front Office Rocks Founder Laura Nelson outlines the most vital aspects of searching for a new employee and how to hire a team full of high-achievers. She talks about your attitude, company culture, how to write job ads and where to place them, how to read resumes and look for red flags, how to interview candidates, and what to do when onboarding new employees.
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How to Hire Rockstars for Your Dental Practice with Laura Nelson
About this course
Hear from Laura Nelson on why he created this course.

“Laura has helped me hire new staff and run my office more efficiently.”

Dr. Christopher Maulik


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What’s in this course?
Module 1
Welcome to The Hiring Process
Module 2
Welcome to Training Mistakes
Module 3
Welcome to Placing Ads
Module 4
Welcome to Inverviews

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