Should You Start A Dental Podcast?
 - January 10th, 2023

Has the idea of launching a dental podcast been on your mind? Do you have a unique perspective worth sharing? Maybe you already have a strong online following but are looking for a better or additional way to engage with your fans.   

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, a dental podcast may be right for you.    

Launching a successful dental podcast takes effort. We would go so far as to say that your launch is everything. Why? A good launch that draws in listeners has the potential to attract more and more listeners per episode through word of mouth alone.

These days, everyone is trying to find ways to be the next breakout star. The same goes for the world of dental. While not every dental professional will become an Instagram influencer or YouTube celebrity, many do go on to become successful educators. Moreover, each one of these successful educators dominates a certain niche within the industry. 

To that point, let’s explore how you can figure out which niche topic you should focus on for the theme of your dental podcast.

Discovering Your Niche Topic

It’s best to do a bit of research before you launch your dental podcast. For instance, you don’t want to launch a podcast that another dentist has found success in because it makes your chances of success much more difficult. 

When you focus on a niche subject that no one else is talking about, it makes your podcast that much more interesting. Plus, when you’re busy battling competition, your main goal for launching your podcast suffers. 

To help you figure out your niche topic, I’ve listed some useful questions below. 

To begin, are you widely known for something throughout the industry? For example:

  • Are you the only oral surgeon who performs a rare procedure? 
  • Do you render the best molds in the country? 
  • Did you invent a groundbreaking dental procedure? 
  • Do you know about all the latest in tech advances?

In addition to that, is there anything interesting about you or your personal and professional background? Such as:

  • Are you extremely witty or comical?
  • Are you an award-winning dentist?
  • Do you have access to hundreds of other dentists who you can interview about their lessons about owning a practice?
  • Do you teach a large group of dental students?

Your podcast topic should be interesting to other dentists and set you apart from the competition. The more out-of-the-box your ideas, the more likely you are to figure out a niche topic that works for you.

Remember, you want to talk about a subject that you’re interested in and passionate about. You want to blend topics that necessarily may not go together, but with a creative spin, can make you stand out among a sea full of podcasts. 

How To Launch a Dental Podcast in 8 Easy Steps

As to not complicate the process, we’ve broken down the eight steps to starting a dental podcast on your own. Keep in mind, this is not exactly a how-to process, but rather a breakdown of each step you’ll go through.

  1. Choose a topic and name
  2. Record in episode format
  3. Find digital art for your episode title page
  4. Select intro and outro music
  5. Purchase necessary equipment 
  6. Have audio recording and editing capabilities
  7. Submit your episodes to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)
  8. Promote and market your podcast

Keep in mind that hundreds of podcasts are launched every year. That’s why creating a niche podcast is essential if you want to set yourself apart from competitors.

Recently Launched Podcasts for Dentists 

Podcasts are popping up left and right. Listed below are five out of hundreds of dental podcasts launched between November 2017 and August 2020. Check out each website and watch the podcasts to get an idea of what you can achieve! 

1) The Probe Dental Podcast – Hosted by UK’s longest-running, independent dental magazine in Tonbridge, England. The Probe features 8 episodes per quarter since August 2020. The British dental sector is explored and unique perspectives are shared by industry leaders.   

2) The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast – This business podcast for dentists is hosted by Dr. Paul Etchison in New Lenox, Illinois. He’s been doing 1 episode per week since November 2017. You can hear interesting discussions as well as different strategies to implement. 

3) The Dental Amigos Podcast – Hosted by “Rob and Paul,” a lawyer and doctor duo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since February 2018, they’ve been doing 1 episode per month. Their goal is to facilitate friendships while bringing practical learning into the mix.  

4) Working Interferences Dental Podcast – No question is off limits for Joshua Austin, DDS, and Lance Timmerman, DMD, of Chicago, Illinois. Since November 2017, they’ve hosted 1 episode per week. Their podcast is for the “average” dentist. 

5) The Productive Dentist Podcast – Dubbed America’s Most Productive Dentist, Dr. Bruce Baird in Anacortes, Washington, hosts 5 episodes per quarter since October 2018. He shares his wisdom and helps dentists become more productive and live happier lives.

Whether you’re talking about practice culture, systems and processes for streamlined success, conquering dental phones, or some other interesting topic, standing out from the crowd is key.

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