On-Demand Dental CE Courses to Improve Production
 - January 12th, 2023

Educational Advancement Options for Dental Professionals 

These days, on-demand dental CE courses are the new wave of educational options for dental professionals. Now more popular than traditional in-person workshops and seminars, digital courses are leading the way forward in learning options.   

If you’re an education fanatic, chances are you’ve probably heard of on-demand websites like Udemy, Coursera, Masterclass, and the Khan Academy, to name a few.  

Wouldn’t it be great if platforms dedicated to dentists and other professionals in this field existed? 

Well, believe it or not, there are. And we’re here to help you explore our favorite options (and their benefits). 

Websites with on-demand dental CE courses 

Online learning is a great way to gain knowledge — and improve production — as you continue to provide exceptional services to patients. The websites listed below offer free educational advancement options that cover everything from role-specific efficiencies to practice management best practices. 

  1. Colgate Oral Health Network

Did you know that one of the largest American toothpaste manufacturing companies has its own educational platform? The Colgate Oral Health Network offers free digital courses, providing more than 200 dental CE credits. Their platform is mobile-friendly, making it ideal to watch from your smartphone or tablet. There are a wide variety of clinical and practice management topics, many of which are offered by internationally-recognized speakers.

  1. CDE World 

Another free option for on-demand clinical courses and webinars is CDE (Continuing Dental Education) World. Their website emphasizes life-long learning, and in order to get access to their courses, you must create an account.

All you have to do is watch a webinar and take a CE quiz after. You can also log back in to take the quiz if you can’t complete everything at once. But as soon as you receive a passing score of 70% accuracy or higher, you’ll be able to get your certificate.

  1. Vive Learning

Viva Learning, a product of Viva Learning LLC, offers free continuing education for dental professionals, ranging from clinical to administrative positions. Known for offering on-demand and interactive presentations, their platform is often used by corporations and companies dedicated to higher education. To gain access, you must sign up. You’ll receive a “CE Pass,” which gives you unlimited access to all their content. Courses are presented by respected clinicians, well-known speakers, and dental educators.

Improving production through online learning

As a clinician and dental professional, online learning is essential to each member of your practice. Gaining continuing education credits while expanding your mind and skillset is part of what makes a great dentist and employee.

The benefits of online learning and registering for dental CE courses are:

  • Improved production.
  • Higher case acceptance.
  • Better conversions.
  • Enhanced skills.
  • Improved business management.

For more information about the on-demand dental CE courses driving today’s industry, visit us at https://www.dentalwhale.com/education.


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