New Dental Technology and How It’s Improving Performance
 - January 12th, 2023

SMART Technology in Dentistry and Its Benefits

New dental technology is accelerating the future of dentistry and the growth of dental practices throughout the world. When everything from automobiles to homes and offices is becoming digitally optimized, dental practices are also adapting and benefiting from technology.   

Self-Monitoring Analytics and Reporting Technology (SMART) is transforming dentistry and how dentists acquire, retain, and engage with their patients. 

Forward-thinking dentists are using a highly effective set of digital tools and protocols to simplify and produce efficiencies at their dental practice that will aid both patients and doctors. 

Understanding SMART for dental practices

Having a SMART dental practice involves optimizing websites, utilizing SEO, understanding search ranking, aligning with topical trends on social media, and managing your online reputation, among others. Integrating these into office software leads to the automation of the acquisition, retention, and growth of patients. 

Functions that would have typically been handled by your entire front office team are now centralized, empowering your team to do more, while using less time. With a centralized dashboard, it now becomes easier for a dental practice to schedule patient appointments, send reminders, track reviews, and manage online reputation. 

SMART not only integrates these domains but it also uses analytics to give actionable feedback. And in the world of dentistry, data is everything!

SMART for existing patients

One of the fundamental learnings of sales and marketing is that it’s easier and cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new ones. For dental practices, nurturing your existing patient base for reactivation is of the utmost importance.

What you probably do know is that SMART makes it easy for dental practices to engage with their existing patients through automated reminders based on their treatment history.

Now, what you may not know is how SMART software automatically segments patients based on the frequency and depth of their engagement. Any patient who drops out of treatment, or is due for their next appointment, will be contacted by the system through reminders. 

Dentists are equipped with comprehensive information on patients. This will lead to the delivery of highly effective and personalized dental care

SMART for patient acquisition

Before choosing a dental practice, patients now engage in rigorous online research. A SMART dental practice would scan the web for positive and negative reviews and alert the dentists. 

Now doctors will be aware of their online reputation, with timely tips on managing it effectively. Over time, this would increase brand awareness, credibility, and the trustworthiness of a dental practice without the need for significant marketing investments.

SMART can also help dental practices optimize their resource allocation and marketing efforts. It will help dentists grow and monetize their patient base organically without any time-consuming efforts or exuberant marketing spending. 

Why Using the Right Technology Matters

Since dentistry encompasses more than just the clinical aspects of your business, consider how you can also streamline processes and procedures.

Not only that, everything from your dental equipment, supplies, and amenities should be simplified in such a way that your practice stands out from its competitors.

SMART dental practices are the way of the future. It’s already being harnessed by some of the most popular and leading dentists in the industry. 

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