Dental Whale® Added 301 New Users to Its Group Purchasing Platform in the Month of October
 - November 3rd, 2023

Dental Whale® Achieves Remarkable Growth, Welcoming 301 New Dental Practices across the Nation and also in Canada during the month of October.

Dental Whale®, the leading nationwide group purchasing organization committed to delivering substantial savings of up to 47% on essential dental supplies, labs, and equipment, is delighted to announce the addition of 301 new dental practices to its dynamic group purchasing platform during the month of October.

Scott Mortier, Dental Whale’s Chief Revenue Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering substantial cost-saving solutions and expanding accessibility for all dentists. He commented, “The positive response of our recent 30-day free trial within the dental community has been truly gratifying. We are excited to see dentists eagerly embracing the chance to ‘test drive’ our platform, enabling them to procure supplies, labs, and equipment at rates usually reserved for Dental Service Organizations (DSOs).”

Dentists who enroll in Dental Whale’s 30-day free trial will enjoy unrestricted access to remarkable discounts on:

Thousands of Name-Brand Dental Supplies

Dental Labs


Service & Repair



Office Supplies

Participants in the trial gain immediate access to premier suppliers such as Darby, NDX Labs, Dental Fix Rx, Dental Intel, and USI, ultimately saving thousands of dollars while simplifying and streamlining their procurement process.

Dr. Cassady Rider, a satisfied Dental Whale member, shared her experience, stating, “Our dental supplies’ costs have significantly reduced, by almost half!”

With over 4,000 members currently benefiting from the platform, Dental Whale continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, adding more than 730 new users since the beginning of July.

About Dental Whale:

Dental Whale and its subsidiaries form a nationwide organization dedicated to providing dentists with inventory cost control benefits by leveraging the collective purchasing power of thousands of member dental practices. With more than 4,000 members currently utilizing the platform, Dental Whale members enjoy savings of up to 47% on dental supplies, labs, equipment, repair, technology, and much more.


Ready to stop overpaying for your supplies, labs, and equipment?

Whether you need to restock your latex gloves, order a new Intra-oral Scanner, or anything in between, save up to 47% every single time by taking advantage of Dental Whale's buying power.