Dental Office Organization: 5 DIY Furniture Hacks
 - January 10th, 2023

Your office design plays a surprinsingly critical role in how someone feels upon entering your dental practice. 

A well-designed space can make patients feel welcome and encourage your staff to be at their best. At the same time, a poorly designed office can feel restrictive, cause tension, and contribute to a poor patient experience (as well as make it difficult to walk in the door every morning).

While some offices have sufficient space and others are limited when it comes to areas for storage and filing, getting your office organized is often more a matter of decluttering and optimizing each space to fulfill a particular function. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a few straightforward but creative ideas to help you organize your office and wake up your inner Marie Kondo

5 Furniture Hacks That Facilitate Dental Office Organization

1. The bookcase reception desk

Reception desks can double up as filing cabinets or bookshelves using a simple hack. All you need are a couple of filing cabinets or hip-height bookcases and glass or wood tabletops. This desk will enlarge your reception area and provide enough space for two receptionists to sit. Plus, excess counter space can be used by patients as they check out.   

2. The standing desk with filing cabinet   

This type of desk is not as spacious. However, it still has enough space for a large desktop and several files. The beauty of a standing desk is that you can store reference books, folders, and even supplies like hand sanitizers. It’s a great option if you are considering converting an unused closet into a small work area. 

3. The L-shaped office desk

If you want to maximize desk space and add a bit of elegance, you should consider assembling an L-shaped office desk. Equipped with sufficient legroom, this desk is clean, sleek, and facilitates dental office organization. If you purchase two and position them next to each other, it turns into a larger workstation.

4. The minimal and functional desk

With no more than bookshelves, you can put together a functional office desk that is well-suited for small spaces. An effortless, efficient DIY workstation project, this type of desk’s cubed legs (Eg: the bookshelves) can store books, files, and even a flower vase, or two. Beyond that, it’s an affordable option perfect for organizing.

5. The pantry unit turned into dual workstations

If your office has unused pantries or cabinets, it can easily be turned into dual workstations using a long work desk that accommodates two people. What was once underutilized can now become a fully functional workspace for your staff. Great for desktop computers or laptops, this workstation is practical and has enough space for stationery and other supplies. 

Expert Guidance to Redesigning Your Office

While your dental office design (or redesign) can be a collective activity where you involve your team and seek their input, it really is more about optimizing the space you already have. 

Despite the fact that many dentists go the practice acquisition route (and, as a result, inherit the previous design challenges), it is still possible to take on a budget-friendly redesign with the above mentioned furniture hacks and efficient organizational system. 

When it comes down to it, your dental practice should facilitate ease of movement, efficient storage, and add functionality to each operatory.      

If you have your own design hacks or have recently undertaken a redesign, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit us at


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