Dental Office Design and Color Schemes to Influence Patient Conversion
 - January 11th, 2023

The right dental office design and color scheme has the ability to work wonders on your practice’s ability to attract and retain patients. In fact, color has the potential to calm our minds, elevate our moods and influence our productivity.   

When most people think of feng shui, they don’t associate it with businesses. However, all spaces (including dental practices) can benefit from placing furniture in the right places. 

Additionally, furniture should be scalable in relation to the amount of space you have. For example, having chairs that are too big for your reception area makes the room look smaller. Therefore, this is a decision you must think out thoroughly. In fact, speaking to a dental entrepreneur that specializes in office and design efficiencies is highly recommended. 

When contemplating your dental office design, choosing your color palette is key because there are a variety of underlying psychological influences associated with every color.

For instance, the right colors can help you focus better, while the wrong color-combination can make you feel unsettled. This is particularly relevant for dental practices as people are likely to be anxious while visiting their dentists. 

In addition, there should be a seamless flow to the color scheme, from the reception to the interior hallways and operatories. It’s important to understand that monochromatic color schemes make one feel relaxed.

With that in mind, below are some of the most preferred colors to consider when planning your dental office design.  

Top 5 Color Schemes for Dental Practices

When considering your dental office design, the best colors to aid in patient retention and conversion are soothing colors such as pastels and subdued colors that help to reflect light. So, if your office has windows, you’ll definitely want to take that into account. 

This applies even more if your dental practice lacks windows.

  1. Soft Ocean Blue

Perhaps the world’s most well-liked color, blue has been embraced by corporate organizations, especially those in the technology sector. Keep in mind, blue comes in many shades, which is why you should look at soft-ocean blue hues. Plus, when creatively used with white, it can give off a tranquil coastal vibe.

  1. Seafoam Green

Another favorite color for the healthcare industry is green, because it induces trust and helps people relax. Typical green shades are a bit harsh, but when lighter hues are selected, like seafoam green or its derivatives, it can induce a calming energy. And, in a dental office, you definitely want your patients feeling calm and at ease. 

  1. Light Grey

Muted colors in the grey family, such as light grey and its derivatives, present a soothing energy. Not only do the colors in this group reflect professionalism, they also add a soft and relaxing touch. Plus, when paired with other soothing colors, they create a visually appealing ambiance for patients. 

  1. Beige

Neutral colors, such as those in the beige and brown family, are very calming. As a matter of fact, lighter hues in this family reflect light, making a room appear airy. Also, they remind patients of nature, which helps people feel grounded.

  1. Cream

Cream color is known for being a calm and relaxing hue. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the most common colors for interior design options. Since this neutral color isn’t too heavy on the eyes, it can be paired with semi-bold colors like orange or purple.       

These 15 paint swatches from a variety of different paint brands, compiled by Apartment Therapy, are the company’s favorite shades of grey. As you can see, some have blue, green, brown, and cream undertones, making them great options to consider for your dental office design.

Optimizing Your Practice to Attract and Retain Dental Patients 

Every decision you make regarding your practice, including dental office design, affects your ability to attract, convert, and retain patients. In fact, it even has a direct correlation to your overall production and profit margins. 

Keep in mind that you should avoid stark white, red, and black. These colors are very harsh on the eyes and mind. Red can be unsettling and black, foreboding. Plus, if white is not paired with other light, soothing colors, it has too much of an institutional and clinical feel. 

When choosing colors, it helps to pick shades from the same family, with varying intensities. That tends to help people feel relaxed. Pastel colors are often more soothing than striking colors.

Also, since patients would be looking up when seated, it would be wise to use lighter shades on the ceiling. Believe it or not, that matters too.

When it comes to dental office design, you want to consider everything from the type of flooring to the best cost-effective supplies, optimal storage bins, and even which stores to purchase furniture from for your waiting room. 

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