Dental Names That Rank High In Online Searches
 - January 12th, 2023

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to your business, and one of the most critical – your practice’s name – can impact your revenue, growth, overall success, and online visibility. 

The good news is that an excellent name for your dental practice could help emphasize its unique selling points and help rank your practice’s website higher with search engine optimization (SEO).

Below are some helpful tips to consider when it comes to naming your dental practice (and these also apply if you’re in the process of rebranding). It’s a huge step. So, take your time, do adequate research, and choose the best name available.

How To Efficiently Name Your Dental Practice

There is a deep-rooted psychology and methodology when it comes to names – and it’s about more than how it sounds that is important.

When choosing viable dental names, do your research. It’s all about your local demographics and what keywords are resonating online. Many times, since it’s an in-depth process, employing expert guidance can help.

You also want to pay attention to how long the name is. Placing a name like “Florida’s Best Family Dentist and Orthodontics” on signange outside your office costs more than a shorter alternative. 

Typically, your cost is contingent on the number of letters. Plus, if your dental practice is in a shopping mall, you will have substantially less space available, and may have to pay extra to have two adjacent spaces.

In the case of this example, the word “Florida” is pretty broad. Let’s say a prospective patient is performing an online search to find a top-rated dentist in their area — the chances are that this name won’t pop up in a local search.

However, if you’re to change the word “Florida” to a local area in Miami such as “Kendall,” “Coral Gables,” or even “Homestead,” chances are your dental practice will appear in a local search.              

Top 4 Tips to Consider When Naming Your Dental Practice

  1. Buy Your Domain Name

In 2023, there is simply no excuse not to have a digital presence. One of the most important aspects of naming your dental practice is to buy a relevant domain first. It can help save a tremendous amount of time and energy when implementing your digital strategy.

You may have decided on the perfect name for your business, but it won’t be helpful for search results if the name is associated with another company or industry. Make sure the name you want hasn’t already been taken by doing some online research beforehand. 

  1. Include Your Location

One of the best aspects of a name that includes a location is that it tells prospective patients your location. This is ideal when it comes time for a local resident to search for the dentist closest to their home or business. Additionally, it can help when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) results.

If you feel like it’s a bad idea to incorporate a city or town into the name of your dental practice, consider naming it after a nearby landmark. Either way, make sure that the name isn’t limiting, especially if you have growth plans.

  1. Add Your Specialty

Do you specialize in children’s dentistry? If so, it should factor in when naming your dental practice. Do you solely specialize in orthodontics? That’s also a niche to consider incorporating into your name somehow. Adding your specialty can help you appear in more search results because people who require a niche doctor will often search for those words.

For example, think about a father searching for a dentist for his children. He may search for a dentist that caters to children instead of his regular dentist. So unless you perform several procedures and treatments and cannot market yourself as a dentist specializing in something, you should ensure your dental name is at least location specific.

  1. Be Mindful of Its “Sound” and Spelling

Let’s say that you have a top-notch dental practice, and you believe that the word will soon spread throughout your neighborhood about it. While it might not seem important, you should consider how the name “sounds” when spoken. If it is tough to pronounce, there’s a good chance that it will be harder to remember.

Additionally, make sure that your practice’s name sounds warm rather than distant or clinical. Last but not least, make sure it’s easy to spell. An uncommon or difficult word in your name isn’t good for business. 

Your Dental Practice’s Name Helps Build Wealth

Before reading this article, did you know that so much psychology goes into dental names? Did it make you think about your practice’s name?

All in all, you should employ a clear strategy behind everything you do (and don’t do) for your dental practice. After all, every decision you make affects your ability to build wealth, attract new patients, and convert them into life-long patients.

In fact, a methodical strategy has been a defining factor in the success of our entrepreneur dentists. To learn more about how Dental Whale’s experts have set up their businesses for success, down to naming their practices, or even one-on-one guidance, visit


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