5 Ways Equipment Maintenance Professionals Extend the Life of Your Dental Equipment
 - December 22nd, 2022

There are plenty of ways that regular maintenance can help to extend the life of your dental equipment. The real question is: Why would you want to do that, and to whom can you entrust the task? 

Beyond the most obvious reasons (extending the life of your existing equipment will help you to save money by avoiding costly repairs or replacing malfunctioning equipment), dental equipment that is well-maintained performs consistently better. 

Plus, once you upgrade, you will find that properly-maintained dental equipment is much easier to sell and fetches a higher price on the market. 

Best left to the professionals, here are just some of the equipment maintenance methods employed by our Dental Fix technicians to help avoid troublesome issues and extend the life of your dental equipment.

1. Cleaning 

One of the most important aspects of maintaining dental equipment is keeping it clean. Our technicians pay special attention to the surfaces of your equipment and any areas where dirt and debris can accumulate, such as around switches and buttons.

2.  Lubrication 

Regularly lubricating your dental equipment helps to keep moving parts working smoothly and prevent wear and tear. Our technicians ensure that they only use lubricants that are compatible with the materials used in your equipment.

3. Inspections 

Inspecting your dental equipment regularly for any damage or wear and tear is crucial to its lifespan. That includes checking for cracks, breaks, or anything else that could affect the performance of your equipment. If our technicians notice any damage during a routine inspection, they will repair or replace it immediately.

4. Calibration 

If your dental equipment has any adjustable parts, it is critical to calibrate them regularly. That ensures they are set correctly and performing at their best. Most manufacturers provide instructions on calibrating their products, but entrusting this to a professional avoids any room for error.

5. Testing 

Regular testing of your dental equipment is crucial to ensure it is functioning as it should; that includes testing all electrical components and ensuring all moving parts are operating correctly. 


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