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Welcome to Complete Front Desk Support.

Focus on your patients’ care and we'll do the rest. Our specialists provide complete front desk support for dentists, including phone services, scheduling, billing assistance, and insurance verification.

See how hundreds of dental practices run more efficiently with Front Desk DDS. We ensure you retain a full schedule while your in-house team focuses on patient care. Professionally trained dental-specific schedulers are available to answer your calls 90 hours/week. Optimize your entire front desk for a fraction of the price of a full-time employee.

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Confirming Appointments
  • Insurance Verification
  • Outbound Calls & Scheduling
  • Full Insurance & Billing Management
Visit Front Desk DDS
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Track patient appointments, insurance verifications, pending tasks, and other front desk matters right from your ORCA dashboard. Front Desk DDS ensures you stay up to speed with regular inbox reminders and calendar updates.

"We act so you can reduce administrative needs, allowing greater focus on patient care. Streamlined processes and professionally trained operations support growth for your practice through better care and improved bottom line." Chris Carlson Front Desk DDS Leader

Front Desk DDS Solutions Available on ORCA

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First impressions are everything. We answer all calls promptly and prioritize new patient scheduling to build rapport from day one.

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Patient reactivation has never been easier. Our agents will contact dormant patients and get them booked for re-care so your schedule can be kept full.

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Schedule and treat new patients faster. With real-time insurance verification, you’ll increase conversions and retention.

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Manage insurance bills, explanation of benefits, and claim issues easily. We ensure all insurance matters are kept organized and outstanding balances resolved.

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