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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


At Dental Whale® we know that our strength is our people. We invest in our employees, giving each person the space and the tools to actualize their potential, knowing that increased job satisfaction and aligned goals are key to the company's overall success.

“We’re from all over the country and the commonality is that we all share an entrepreneurial spirit.”

Demonstrating our Commitment.


Organizational Commitment

At Dental Whale we are committed to our people’s growth and development as professionals and as individuals.


Our Diversity Equity and Inclusion Journey

We believe in runners no matter their beliefs, backgrounds, or preferences. Our diversity is our advantage.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council

Our council's sole mission is to ensure that our company remains committed to empowering all employees.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We provide our employees access to the necessary resources, groups, and tools to help them grow.

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Employee Networks

Our employees can rely on the company and each other through employee networks built around common goals.


Recruiting and Promotion Practices

We believe in our employees and constantly seek out future leaders from within the organization.

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Education and Blindspot Self-Testing

Becoming self-aware of one's strengths and weaknesses provides the constructive feedback needed in order to succeed.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion Events

We promote inclusiveness and team bonding through company sponsored events, casual activities, and volunteer work.

Dental Whale is committed to its people through promoting values in and out of the office, investing in continued education, and providing the right space and tools that each person needs to succeed. Our strength is our people.

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