“We Get 190 NEW Patients Each Month”

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Before approaching Conversion Whale, Dr. Amayev was already paying for digital marketing with a large dental marketing company (we kindly will not name) and was unhappy with their results.

Considering all of the money he recently spent for digital marketing, he cautiously decided to start marketing just one location with Conversion Whale. Within 90 days, he signed up all three practices and is now seeing over 190 new patients per month.

“We started Conversion Whale with our brand new practice and it worked beautifully.”

Multiple Locations Demand Multiple Marketing Strategies. If you have more than one location, it is critical to have multiple marketing campaigns. This is because each practice is not exactly the same as the next: Each location is in a different neighborhood, different demographics, different competition, and frequently different office hours.

Time and time again, dentists come to us with multiple locations and are upset because their current marketing company is under performing. When we dig into the data, we see the same strategy deployed across each location (BAD.)

For example, Dr. Amayev has only one office in a low-income area and demands a special strategy in order to attract the right fee-for-service patients.
“We never got these results with any other companies before.” Dr. Amayev

Dr. Amayev had to move all three websites to Conversion Whale. Our developers made the transition very easy. Leaving your current marketing company is easier than you may think. In fact we have a Whale on-boarding team that focuses on just moving client websites. We ensure there is no lost SEO and your business continues.