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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX

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Atlanta, GA

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Sunrise, FL

One of the best companies I have ever worked for! The
pods at Dental Whale are leading dental
innovation and the company culture is best-in-class.
-Amy Mendoza Leonor
Dental Office IT

Information Technology

Unlimited remote helpdesk support and regular system maintenance for your practice IT systems that help you avoid IT problems before they occur. Comprehensive monitoring and services that provide support for dental practices and the people in them.
Dental Office Scheduling Services

Scheduling Services

Eighty percent patient conversion rate versus the national average of just 38 percent. Scheduling services increase new patient appointments by answering more calls and converting more patients.
Dental Billing and Insurance

Billing & Insurance

Front desk outsourcing service for dentists looking to simplify and optimize their practices for growth. Services include verifying insurance benefits, processing payments, managing unpaid claims and billing and collection services.
Dental Marketing

Evidence-Based Marketing

Marketing tools to help generate leads and focused on two main aspects of marketing: attracting new customers and increasing client frequency – guaranteeing an unprecedented minimum of 50 new leads per month. Targeted marketing campaigns and proprietary dashboard empower dentists to see the results of lead generation in real-time.
Dental Practice Seminars


Education tailored for professionals in dentistry who recognize the continuous learning process and innovative opportunities to redefine practice management and dental success. Content is exclusively created for those dental professionals actively seeking tools to grow and expand their practices, and those with the drive to rise above mediocrity in the dental profession.
Dental Practice Consulting

Practice Consulting

The industry leader in dental startups with programs that focus on smart practice design, lean cost structure, and comprehensive management support.
Inventory and Product Management for Dentists

Inventory & Product Management

A network of buying power and leverage to deliver tools and resources to dentists to manage equipment and supplies for their dental practices.
Dental Equipment Repair

Dental Equipment Repair

Immediate on-demand equipment service, handpiece repairs, and cost effective consumable products.
Dental Entrepreneurship


Systems and support for dentist-entrepreneurs managing existing practices and interested in maximizing profitability and patient satisfaction.