Dental Whale® Supports Over 19,000 Dental Practices Across North America

We are a team of clinical and business professionals comprising dentists, entrepreneurs, operational gurus, marketing professionals, educators, equipment and repair specialists, technology experts and customer service fanatics, all with a single massively transformative purpose – improving dental health for everyone.

Our mission is to simplify the business of dental by creating innovative and insightful breakthroughs in dental practice management.

Our Founder, David Lopez, said it best:

“I founded this company with the same mindset we hold today. Everything we do is built around helping a dentist provide the best patient experience to their customers.”

And we’ve been doing just that since 2009.

Our Story

Dental Fix was founded to provide dental offices with an independent service company for managing all of a practice’s equipment and facility needs. Dental Fix started with handpiece repair, added equipment and then began selling dental equipment.
Founded Tralongo as a practice management consulting company. Our goal was to help dentists “get out of the chair” and learn how to excel in managing the business of dentistry.
Conversion Whale is founded. Realizing the need to help dentists acquire new patients, we began to develop marketing plans to optimize the effort, using all the tools that the internet had to offer.
2015 - 2017
Tralongo acquires 23 dental offices. We go from consulting to operating a DSO,  managing all of the business side of dentistry.
Dental Whale is formed, bringing a unique perspective on the dental industry. Understanding what it takes to operate successful dental practices and deliver a great patient experience, we began to provide rock-solid solutions to dental practices, including marketing and scheduling. We addressed the procurement side as well - equipment, supplies, labs.
We believe that there is a better way for dentists to operate a dental practice - one that provides the best possible patient experience. We believe that running the business of a dental practice does not need to be difficult. It does not need all the friction. And, by reducing friction, dentists can lower costs and maximize profitability. Just as important, it also makes it easier for patients to get the dental care that they need.
Dental Whale acquires Breakaway Practice and Dr. Scott Leune joins the board. Dr Leune built Breakaway into a leading education, marketing, scheduling and consulting company. He believed that private dentists should have access to corporate level infrastructure in order to provide their patients with a better experience, as well as remove friction and costs from operating a dental practice.
Breakaway also has awesome content for training dentists on how to master the operations as well as starting a new dental practice. Over 11,000 dentists have taken advantage of Breakaway’s educational seminars.
Dental Whale acquires Front Office Rocks. Laura Hatch has created outstanding training, systems and procedures on how to train the entire dental front office staff. To date, Front Office Rocks has trained over 3500 dental offices and more than 32,000 dental office staff members.
Dr. Steven Wingfield assumes leadership of the Dental Whale Practice Group. The practice group is an emerging DSO- owned by Dental Whale, and supported by our solutions. DWPG partners with high performing dentists and gives them the tools and support they need to create an optimal patient experience for their patients.
DWPG also provides the office team members the training, processes and support they need to take great care of patients. Our dental practices have a net promoter score of 77, and generate over 4 times the average revenues of a general dental practice.
Joe Cavaretta becomes the leader of Dental Whale.  A 23 year industry veteran, Joe is an expert in leadership, supplies, equipment, service and business solutions.
Dental Whale launches as one customer centric brand focused on providing dentists patients the best possible patient experience.

Board Members

Meet the team helping drive the successes of Dental Whale. Each of our Board Members brings years of insight and expertise in their respective fields to help Dental Whale provide the best possible value to our customers.

Values & Behaviors
Our Operating Principles

We serve with integrity – our customers, our company and each other. We are open, transparent and authentic in all our interactions.
We serve by:
  • Being problem solvers
  • Filling a need that makes a difference
  • Focusing on customers first
  • Collaborating by co-elevating
To serve our customers, we:
  • Create and implement innovative solutions
  • Focus on goals & results
  • Listen before we speak
  • Respect individuality
To serve our company, we:
  • Work efficiently & effectively
  • Develop ourselves and our Pod
  • Are always looking to improve our processes
  • Are responsible and accountable for our promises and actions
To serve each other, we:
  • Believe what everyone does matters and treat one another with dignity & respect
  • Celebrate our victories and learn from our defeats as a team
  • Honor diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Make a difference in our community

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