Keeping your teeth healthy through brushing needs the best brushing technology. With advanced ways of brushing your teeth through modern technology, you can achieve more with less effort. Imagine a scenario where you electrically brush your teeth with excellent sensors to monitor the pressure used. This only comes with Sonicare and Oral B brushes.

Sonicare and oral B brands are the giant industries that apply the electrical method of tooth brushing. This is a convenient way to improve your feel as you brush your teeth. The mentioned brands have different specs that you would consider before settling on any brand for your cleaning purposes. With Sonicare and Oral-B brands, you will find different selections of each brand on the market especially amazon. Here, you can pick on your best brushing technology and enjoy the moment. A quick review of the two types of brushes will help you make a wise decision on your purchase.

Sonicare Brand History

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Sonicare brands come from Dutch from a diversified company. The company was formerly known as Optiva corporation, but later changed to Philips Oral Healthcare Inc. The company manufactures Sonicare products and these products are used and sold widely in the USA. Currently, the electronic brushes from Sonicare have been branded as ‘Philips Sonicare’ and that is its trademark. This brand has a wider model list that includes all the types of Philips Sonicare brushes.

Oral-B Technology

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This is a widely used brand across the world. Oral-B will be remembered for being the first brand to be used on the moon. The electric technology used in the manufacture of this brand makes it widely used and it gives excellent results. This brand as the first to introduce soft brushes made from soft nylon. The company merged with Braun in 1990 and that is why all the oral B brands have got a Braun name. The models of this electric brand come in different sizes and specified use. For example, this brand has the option for kids electric brushes.

In-depth comparison of Sonicare and Oral-B brands

When it comes to giant brands review, sometimes it becomes challenging in getting the best out of the two leading industries. With these two giant brands, we have specific differences and similarities that make them unique and answer the question; which is the best model or brand. With the current technology, there are several outlines to note the differences in the way these two brand work. The differences have made people choose their best, brands with the above brands nearly liked by everyone. The major differences lie in the brushing technology, brushing head, price differences, pressure sensors, general design, added technology like Bluetooth and lastly the general impression. Why reviewing these features, we shall focus on specific examples to enhance your better understanding.

The power and brushing technology comparisons

Both Sonicare and Oral B have different brushing technologies. Sonicare uses Sonitec technology, which is a vibration technology. The brush makes side to side movements as it removes the plaque. With about 31000 strokes per minute, expect the best results after cleaning. That’s the greatest force that will never allow you to doubt its cleaning ability. The ultrasonic technology comes from the speeds it uses as it cleans your teeth. You will note with great pleasure that normal toothbrushes vibrate at a speed that lies between 2000 and 7000. When you compare with Sonicare, the results are seven times and much faster. With the ultra speeds involved, Sonicare brush gains a dynamic cleaning technology with a bright smile just after two weeks.

When it comes to its partner Oral-B, the technology used is different. Oral-B applies the rotation- oscillation approach. The technology is known as Rotary Technology. Here that brush head has unique motions where it spins making a 16-degree movement. The brushing head is designed to produce 3D movements at high speeds thereafter, resulting in oral hygiene and efficient cleaning. With this rotation and oscillations, the oral b toothbrush is able to reach hidden places that a normal toothbrush cannot access. Besi9des, this brush cleans 4 times faster than normal brushes. One of the best products that make this technology work is Oral-B Precision Black 7000. It is well customized with its 3D technology for faster cleaning. There are other brands of Oral B brushing technology that uses 2D technology and these are a bit slower as compared to the three D technology.
The above key difference in the way the two brands apply their technology gives out the difference. If you are a person who enjoys Rotary technology, then your brand is available and if you are a person who prefers vibration technology, then Sonicare could be the best brands for you.

Brush head differences

Whether inside or outside the packet, the brush head can help you in identifying either of the brands with ease. The Sonicare brand has a smaller head as compared to Oral B which has a much bigger brushing head. The replacement brush for oral B is cheaper as compared to the Sonicare ones. This makes Oral-B more affordable than Sonicare brands. The Sonicare brush heads resemble the normal brush heads, hence making it widely used. The Sonicare small head prevents it from reaching deeper into your teeth. The Oral-B brand brush head is much cheaper and makes your work easier by removing all the plaque from your teeth. In general, the Sonicare heads appear oval in shape while the Oral-B heads are smaller and appears to be round. A good example for Oral B head is Oral-B Pro 5000 while for Sonicare brand is Philips Sonicare E-Series.

Price differences

The prices for these two brands differ. Oral-B brands are cheaper compared to Sonicare brands. You will notice that Oral B heads have better options than Sonicare brands, but the price for Sonicare brand still remains high. This high price is attributed to comfort offered by Sonicare. Additionally, Sonicare brand has a resembling look to the normal brushes hence people find it easy to relate with what they are used to as opposed to Oral-B brand that has a unique shape.

Pressure sensing technology

When brushing your teeth too hard, the presence of a pressure sensor can aid you in reducing the force you apply to your teeth. The Oral-B brands have pressure sensors except a few like Oral-B Deep Sweep 1000 and The Oral-B Vitality series. When it comes to Sonicare, most of its brands do not have the pressure sensing technology except the Philips Sonicare Flexcare.

Bluetooth technology

Oral-B brands have Bluetooth technology and as you clean your oral system, you can be able to know that area you are yet to clean through transmission from the brush to your phone. None of the Sonicare has the technology in it. Some of the brands in oral B with a bluetooth tech include the Pro 5000 Series and Oral-B Black.

Battery life and voltage

The Sonicare battery life is longer and takes approximately three weeks. On the other side, Oral B battery lasts for ten days, meaning it can be used for a longer time. This means that when moving to new places, one needs to carry an adapter. Sonicare also works on different modes of power, i.e. 110V and 220V. This makes it possible to use for a longer time and even on long trips to foreign countries.


The amount of noise produced by each brand can help you in mapping out the differences in these two brands. Oral B makes a lot of noise and it’s the brand that has been considered louder than Sonicare. Despite the noise, it offers you the best cleaning option. The noise is also manageable as you can tolerate the sound and concentrate on your cleaning.

Similarities of the Oral B and Sonicare.

Despite the differences in the appearance of these two brands, they have similarities in the following ways; an LCD display is present on all the brands, the changing options also see the two brands heads changed after use. Both have a warranty meaning your security as you buy is guaranteed. In the case of any defect, you can return to the stores to claom for another one. Lastly, both use electricity and have timers that have two minutes interval that remind you to move to the next tooth.

When it comes to cleaning your teeth, it is one of the activities that need serious attention. With the review above on the differences and similarities of Sonicare and Oral B electric toothbrush brands, you now know the one that best fits your need. The differences in prices, heads, technology applied are among the features to consider while making any purchase. There are special features like the Bluetooth technology that you will enjoy while using Oral-B brand and there is a natural feeling you will have while using Sonicare brand. All these are designed to give you the best feeling while you clean your teeth. Choosing the best brand remains your option as you look forward to clean and healthy teeth. Which one will you choose? Use the guidlines above and you wont regret it.