To make your bathroom impressive, you should consider investing in a good mouthwash dispenser. This product will not only keep your bathroom organized, but it’ll also add a touch of class and elegance that will impress all those who use it.

Top 5 Best Mouthwash Dispensers Review 2017

1. The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser Lead-Free Crystal with Chrome Pump

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The Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser is available in two versions: single pump model and two pumps model. But both versions have the same approximate dimensions: 3.5 inches X 3.5 inches X 11 inches.

The single pump version features an easy palm-action design. The pump is made of chrome, giving it a smooth finish; while the bottle is crafted from lead-free crystal. It allows for a minimum dispersion of a drop and a maximum of up to 2 ounces.

Perfect Measure Mouthwash Dispenser can hold 32 ounces of liquid. It comes with the word “mouthwash” nicely engraved on the surface. The palm action dispenser eliminates spills, drips and wastage.

It has an attractive design that can add a stylish touch to any bathroom.


  • Attractive, elegant and sturdy
  • Features a strong build, which makes it suitable for both commercial and domestic applications
  • Comes with a handsome chrome pump
  • Easy pump-style palm action dispenser
  • Lead-free crystal
  • The dispenser is designed to eliminate spills, drips and waste
  • Large capacity of 32 ounces of liquid
  • Artistic “mouthwash” engraving


  • Doesn’t have a cup, so you have to buy one separately
  • Its price is a bit on the higher side

2. OXO Good Grips Pump Mouthwash Dispenser

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This pump mouthwash dispenser from OXO looks more like a water bottle on the outset, but it’s one of the best decanters you can ever get. So your guests will have a nice surprise when they visit your bathroom.

The Good Grips Pump Mouthwash decanter is elegant and comes with a smooth plastic and brushed nickel finish. It features a compact design, which can fit even in the smallest of bathroom spaces. With this model, you can easily store, measure and dispense your mouthwash.

It utilizes a sliding motion to dispense mouthwash, while its valve works hard to keep the liquid from going back into the container of the dispenser.

The top of the decanter is designed to twist and open easily, allowing for effortless refilling as well as facilitating cleaning and maintenance. It has a basin capacity of 12 ounces and come with 10 and 20 milliliter measurement markings, which make it very convenient when dispensing the mouthwash.


  • Very easy to use
  • Performs three roles – storing, measuring and dispensing mouthwash
  • Dispenses the liquid with easy action
  • Easy to pour liquid out and refill
  • Uses a sliding angle to dispense
  • Comes with a valve to prevent re-entry of liquid
  • Durable design consisting of brushed nickel, silicone and plastic


  • Dispensing action is a little bit clumsy compared to pumps

3. Crystal Clear Mouthwash Bottle

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This mouthwash decanter is made from pure crystal and stands about 7.5-inch tall. This gives the mouthwash bottle a gorgeous appearance. Its surface has been cut into intricate patterns, which further enhances the sparkle in the crystal. The bottle looks really sexy and it won’t be long before you fall you fall in love with it.

If you’re looking for something that reeks of pure luxury for your bathroom, then this is it.

The mouthwash bottle is actually one of the best crystal models available on the market today. And though it doesn’t come with a pump action for dispensation or a button, it’s still very easy to use. To dispense the mouthwash, you’ll pour the liquid out like you pour drinks. It has a stopper that can be used as a cup for mouthwash product, which is a very convenient feature. It looks so much better on the bathroom counter than a standard mouthwash bottle.

It will add a truly nice touch to your modern bathroom and with its high quality construction it’ll serve you for a long time – unless kids mess with it.


  • Entirely made from crystal
  • Amazing aesthetic appeal
  • Extremely elegant and stylish
  • Holds four ounces for short-term use
  • Provides a great option for modern guest bathrooms and luxury hospitality establishments


  • Has a small capacity
  • Open cap can attract bacteria
  • Not suited for bathrooms used by kids
  • No pump action or button

4. Mouthwash Dispenser Starter Kit (Black)

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This mouthwash dispenser starter kit is designed to be utilized by multiple users, typically in a commercial establishment or institution like a hospital, school or hotel. It comes in a large canister, which allows it to hold more liquid. It is designed more like a typical water cooler and comes with a stack of cups on the right. The bottle containing the mouthwash is inserted inside the dispenser’s black chamber, and you cannot see it from the outside. Having the mouthwash bottle hidden from view inside the chamber helps with aesthetics.

It is also important to note that the GotFreshBreath mouthwash dispenser’s cup holds only a limited measure of the mouthwash liquid. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about wastage. This model is also available in white, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • Large capacity (720 cups of mouthwash)
  • Includes mouthwash refill of 6 bottles and 720 cups
  • Mouthwash bottle is hidden from the outside for better aesthetics
  • Delivers limited dispensation for each cup, allowing the mouthwash to last longer


  • It is not exactly ideal for domestic use
  • It is not very user-friendly

5. Mouthwash Dispenser Mini (White)

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This is another good model for commercial application from GetFreshBreath. It is specifically designed for use in institutions like schools, hotels, motels, offices, restaurants, medical centers, etc. It provides a safe, secure and sanitary way of providing mouthwash to customers and employees.

Its design features a separate chamber for holding cups attached to the same unit. This arrangement keeps the cups ready for users so they can be ready to rinse their teeth. It also ensures that there’s no risk of people tampering with the cups or the liquid inside the bottle.

With this model, users have the comfort of knowing that the mouthwash and cups have been kept in a safe and clean place free from any form of contamination. The Mouthwash Dispenser Mini can be easily refilled.

It uses the GFB mouthwash, whose ingredients include: glycerin, polysorbate, water, citric acid, Blue 1 and sodium saccharin. The unit comes with a warranty on the individual components, but the company won’t repair any damage from improper use of the dispenser or lax installation.


  • Includes a space-saving wall-mount
  • Comes with mouthwash (1 bottle) and cups (120 12.5 milliliter cups)
  • Separate container for holding cups
  • Easy pump action for dispensation
  • Battery-less design
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Great customer support


  • Doesn’t offer the best in aesthetics
  • Works only with GFB mouthwash

Mouthwash Dispenser Guide

Why Buy a Mouthwash Dispenser

1. Keep your bathroom clean

Your bathroom can be a very messy place with all those small and large bottles of products you use daily laying around. If you have ugly plastic mouthwash product bottles in your bathroom, using one of the best mouthwash dispenser can help you get rid of them and achieve a neat, clean appearance for your room.

This accessory will also eliminate the messy mouthwash spills and dribbles that often occur on your bathroom countertop. What’s more, transmission of bacteria and other germs is kept to a minimum, due to the way the mouthwash is stored and dispensed.

2. Convenience

A mouthwash dispenser is naturally more convenient to use than to pour the liquid from the original product bottle. Decanters are designed to be filled with the liquid, which allows the mouthwash to be dispensed smoothly at the push of a button. This is extremely convenient and easy to manage.

3. Make sure you use only the right amount of mouthwash

Some mouthwash dispensers are usually designed to ensure the user pours only the right amount of mouthwash required. By so doing, they help make sure that your mouthwash product lasts long.

Mouthwash is less likely to be spilled or wasted when dispensed from a decanter, as it’s far more precise than pouring the liquid from a larger bottle.

4. Improve the look of your bathroom

Modern mouthwash dispensers are designed to be stylish. By buying one of these gorgeous accessories to organize your bathroom, you can add elegance and more appealing look to your home.

Using a decanter is a great way to keep your mouthwash handy but without displaying the ugly plastic or glass bottle the product comes in. The decanter often comes with a sealable top, and this top typically acts as a cup, as well. Some mouthwash decanters feature pumps at the top, and these are the ones normally referred to as dispensers instead of decanters.

Choosing the Right Mouthwash Dispenser

There are a number of considerations you need to keep in mind when shopping for one of these accessories for your bathroom. These include:


The interior of the mouthwash decanter is usually made of glass or other material that cannot react with the product ingredients. However, many different materials are used for the main outside container or exterior of the dispenser; with the most common ones being:

  • Crystal: This is the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing type of decanter for mouthwash. Crystal is a heavier material which contains lead, and this makes it more durable compared to glass. Light diffracts through it, making it to sparkle and look beautiful.
    Crystal decanters often feature a cork or glass top that nicely fits on top of the lid. The intricate patterns of their cuts also help enhance their aesthetics.
  • Glass: Glass decanters tend to mimic the look of crystal mouthwash dispensers. But they are much cheaper; so, if you’re looking to enjoy the elegant appearance of crystal but are on a tight budget, then one of these models can be a good option.
    Stainless steel: Metal is another material used in making decanters. Mouthwash dispensers made from stainless steel often feature a clean, simple styling. They work well for bathrooms with a sleep modern decor, but they can be used in almost any type of washroom. They are durable and easy to maintain, and don’t take much counter space.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic dispensers come in smooth, beautiful styles with a smooth surface. These are another great option for complementing a specific decor. They are typically left on the countertop where they can be easily seen and accessed.
  • Plastic or resin: These are the cheapest and some of the most common type of decanter for commercial application.

Ease of Use

Most dispensers are easy to use, but those that come with a pump action for dispensing the liquid typically offer more convenience. Choose a model with an easy to operate pump that dispenses with just one simple press of the pump.

Some models can be hung on the wall and this can add to your convenience and reduce clutter.


The capacities of the mouthwash dispensers can range anywhere from 4 ounces to 30+ ounces of liquid. The heavily aesthetic models tend to have smaller capacities and may not be a good option if you have a large family or if you frequently entertain guests. And you may not need a very large one. So, consider your needs and choose one with an ideal capacity.


Are you going to be the only user? Do you have kids who will need to use it? Or are you buying one for a commercial establishment?

The people who will be using the dispenser is something you need to keep in mind when shopping for one. If there are kids in the house, consider buying something durable and one that cannot break easily.

Bathroom Decor

Do you have a specific bathroom decor, such as fish, ducks, penguins or another design? If yes, then you need to look for model that will perfectly complement it.


If money is not object, you can splash on one of those elegant crystal dispensers. But if you are working with a small budget, you can always find cheaper options in discount retail stores and online.